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Bar Tape and Handlebar Plugs

Bar Tape and Handlebar Plugs include: Velox handlebar plugs, cloth handlebar tape, Benotto Cello tape, and more.

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Velox Handlebar Plugs

  • Classic screw-attachment Velox Rubber Plugs (pair), BLACK, 6.00, BT-VBK


Tressostar/Velox or Newbaum's Cloth Handlebar Tape

Tressostar/Velox or Newbaum's cloth bicycle handlebar tape (your choice - please specify which brand you prefer when both are available, but some colors are unique to Newbaum's or Tresso.). Some NOS Cateye (of Japan) is also available. Two rolls per bike are sufficient in most cases, although some folks like a third roll to use around the hoods, especially when using the shorter Tressostar/Velox tape rolls (helpful, but not always necessary unless you have very wide bars). Sold in ten-roll quantities of a single color.

  • Cloth Handlebar Tape, BLACK, (Tresso. or Newbaum's) 45.00 (for ten), BT-BK
  • Cloth Handlebar Tape, WHITE, (Tresso. or Newbaum's) 45.00 (for ten), BT-W
  • Cloth Handlebar Tape, DARK BLUE (Tresso. or Cateye), 45.00 (for ten), BT-BL
  • Cloth Handlebar Tape, MEDIUM BLUE (Newbaum's only), 45.00 (for ten), BT-MBN
  • Cloth Handlebar Tape, LIGHT BLUE (Newbaum's only), 45.00 (for ten), BT LBN
  • Cloth Handlebar Tape, EGGPLANT (Newbaum's only), 45.00 (for ten), BT-EPN
  • Cloth Handlebar Tape, ORANGE (Newbaum's only), 45.00 (for ten), BT-O
  • Cloth Handlebar Tape, YELLOW, (Tresso. or Newbaum's) 45.00 (for ten), BT-Y
  • Cloth Handlebar Tape, RED, (Tresso. or Cateye or Newbaum's!) 45.00 (for ten), BT-R
  • Cloth Handlebar Tape, BROWN, (Tresso. only) 45.00 (for ten), BT-BN
  • Cloth Handlebar Tape, GREY, (Tresso. only) 45.00 (for ten), BT-GY



Benotto Handlebar Tape (Original Version)

The classic, smooth and shiny cello tape. (This is neither the less-desireable, later "waffled" version, nor is it the newly-produced copy, which most folks don't care for, apparently). This tape was wildly popular in its day, during the late '70s / early '80s. One set is two rolls plus two rather primitive end caps - enough to wrap one complete handlebar on both sides. Available in eleven different solid colors. NOTE: White and yellow are now sold-out, sorry. Other colors are beginning to run low as well. Our source in Mexico finally ran out of all the colors, unfortunately. Once they're gone, they're gone, so to speak....
  • Benotto Cello Handlebar Tape, GRAY, 9.00, BT-GYB
  • Benotto Cello Handlebar Tape, BLACK, 9.00, BT-BKB
  • Benotto Cello Handlebar Tape, DARK BLUE, 9.00, BT-BLB
  • Benotto Cello Handlebar Tape, LIGHT BLUE, 9.00, BT-LBLB
  • Benotto Cello Handlebar Tape, DARK GREEN, 9.00, BT-GB
  • Benotto Cello Handlebar Tape, FOREST (BRIGHT) GREEN, 9.00, BT-FGB
  • Benotto Cello Handlebar Tape, RED, 9.00, BT-RB
  • Benotto Cello Handlebar Tape, ORANGE, 9.00, BT-0B
  • Benotto Cello Handlebar Tape, PINK, 9.00, BT-PB
  • Benotto Cello Handlebar Tape, SILVER, 9.00, BT-SB


Brooks Leather Handlebar Wrap with plugs

Brooks recently introduced this leather bar wrap, and it's very nice. We have it in black. Enough to cover one handlebar on both sides. Now perforated.

  • Brooks Leather Handlebar Wrap, BLACK, SOLD OUT (ASK US ABOUT ALTERNATIVES)



Cinelli Cork Handlebar Wrap

Cinelli cork wrap is very luxurious. We have it in black, red, and white. Enough to cover one handlebar on both sides. Embossed with the 'flying-C' Cinelli logo. Includes end plugs.

  • Cinelli Cork Handlebar Wrap, BLACK, 16.00 per set, BT-CB
  • Cinelli Cork Handlebar Wrap, RED, 16.00 per set, CT-CR
  • Cinelli Cork Handelbar Wrap, WHITE, 16.00 per set, BT-CW

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