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NOS Derailleur Cables, Housings, Clips, and Guides

  • Campy down tube shifter cable set, w/black housing, NOS, 29.00, DRCC-DTSET (These are C-Record era kits, containing a stainless steel 1.2 mm front cable, a stainless steel 1.2 mm rear cable, a black rear housing for chainstay to derailleur, and both straight and stepped ferrules for the chainstay end of the housing).


  • Campy bar control cable pair, NOS, 29.00, DRCC-BCI (These can be cut down and used for vintage downtube shifters as well - they are the same diameter, high-quality, steel cables as the downtube ones below, but are braided. The head is also not quite as tall as a d/t cable's).


  • Campy NR/SR downtube shifter cable pair, NOS, 49.00, DRCC-DC (These are the real deal, and are rare now - the genuine Campagnolo, wound steel 1.6 mm cables with the 'C in a diamond' stamped into the end of the head. They are 118 and 83 cm long (i.e. the longer versions that work with under-the-BB cable routing).


  • Campy bar control Stainless steel housing pair, NOS, 29.00, DRCC-625


  • Campy # 629 bar control Down Tube clip/bolt/nut, NOS, 39.00, DRCC-629


  • Campy # 626/a twin cable guide/bolt/nut for D/T at BB, NOS, 24.00, DRCC-626a


  • Campy #636 chainstay cable clip/bolt/nut, NOS, 11.00 each, DRCC-636


  • Campy #622 R/NR/SR rear der. Stainless housing, 21 cm., NOS, 15.00, DRCC-622


  • Campy #617 NR/SR rear der. Stainless housing, 21 cm., NOS, 25.00, DRCC-617 (this one is like a #622, but has the #620 "spindled" step-down ferrule on one end, for the brazed-on chainstay cable stops on newer (circa 1980s) bikes)


  • Campy #623 Record (w/cable stop) frt. der. SS housing, 15.5 cm, 16.00, DRCC-623


NOS and New Rear Derailleurs

  • Campy Super Record Rear Derailleur - 1980s production, dated, 399.00, RD-SR


  • Campy Nuovo Record Rear Derailleur - 1980s production, dated, 249.00, RD-NR


  • Campy Rally Rear Derailleur - early version, but best (3rd) variant, 399.00, RD-RCUP


  • Campy Nuovo Record Rear Derailleur - 1970s production, dated, 299.00, RD-NR72


  • Sun XCD Touring derailleur (up to 34 tooth FW), new, 109.00, RD-CXDT


    NOS and New Front Derailleurs

  • Campy Record "3-hole" 1977-1987 clamp-on, 129.00, FD-NRC

  • Campy Record "4-hole" 1977 clamp-on, 169.00, FD-NRC4


  • Campy Super Record 1982-1987 braze-on, 179.00, FD-SRB


  • Campy Super Record 1982-1987 clamp-on, 199.00, FD-SRC


  • Campy Record flat-cage 1972-1977 clamp-on, with circlip, 199.00, FD-RFC


  • Sun XCD Touring front derailleur, 16-tooth capability, braze-on, 69.00, FD-CXDT


  • Adapter to fit a braze-on front der. on a standard 1.125" tube, 18.00, FD-BOC



NOS/new Shifters


  • Campy 1980s budget clamp-on shifters (late GS?), (no cables), these look like 1980s NR/SR shifters, but with black plastic outer washers, 49.00, SH-CBCO


  • Campy early (1970s) NR/SR clamp-on shifters, complete (no cables), ('bumpy' levers, chrome-plated lever stop plates - very nice!), 149.00, SH-NRECO


  • Campy late (1980s) NR/SR braze-on shifters, complete (no cables), 79.00, SH-NRB


  • Dia Compe 'Silver' downtube braze-on shifters (no cables), 30.00, SH-DCSDT


  • Dia Compe 'Silver' bar-end friction shifters (no cables), 75.00, SH-DCSBE


  • Sun XCD down tube braze-on shifters, up to eight-speed, 49.00, SH-XCDDT


Campy NR/SR rear derailleur parts


  • SOMA NR/SR reproduction pulley sets, black, very nicely made, complete set (eight pieces total, two complete pulleys), fits NR/SR and many other Campagnolo and other pre-index rear derailleurs, 30.00, RDSP-SRPUL



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