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Headsets and Parts

Campagnolo GS, NR, & SR road and track, other headsets, and Bearings

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Note: All of our headsets are 1", threaded, and are "Campagnolo spec." i.e. have 30.2 mm diameter head cups and a 26.4 mm inside-diameter fork crown race.


NOS Campy GS, NR, and SR Headsets, Ital., BSC, French

We normally have a limited selection of NOS GS, NR, and SR headsets, road and track. Prices currently range from 129.00 (GS) to 199.00 (NR) to 399.00 (SR). Please contact us with your specific requirements.


Tange Levin Headset, BSC, steel or aluminum

This is a very nice headset that is still produced in Japan. It is a very durable design that is a near-clone of, and has basically the same dimensions as, Campagnolo (Nuovo/Super) Record.
  • Tange Levin steel headset, British thread, chromed, 39.00, HS-TLB
  • Tange Levin aluminum headset, British thread, silver, 59.00, HS-TLAB


Tange/IRD RollerDrive Needle-bearing Headset, BSC

This is an excellent (and very light weight - about 110 grams) new headset that is produced by Tange in Japan. It is a very durable design that has needle bearings in the lower stack, where needed, but traditional caged ball bearings in the upper stack to reduce friction a bit. 36 mm stack height, too, so fits even many tight applications.
  • Tange/IRD RollerDrive headset, British thread, silver, 75.00, HS-RDB



Bearings that fit headsets

Grade 25 bearings. 3/16" fits Campy NR/SR Strada. 5/32" fits all Campy GS, plus NR/SR Pista, early C-Record Strada and Pista, and Tange Levin. The genuine Campagnolo bearings are size-matched, installed in metal retainers, and packed in pre-greased pairs, in addition to being high-quality Swedish Grade 25 balls. The loose bearings are non-branded, high-quality, US-made chromium steel balls.
  • 3/16" loose bearings, Grade 25, bag of 25, 4.00, HW-3/16
  • 5/32" loose bearings, Grade 25, bag of 50, 5.00, HW-5/32
  • Genuine Campagnolo 5/32" brgs., set of 2 in factory SKF pack, fits C-Record road and track, Nuovo Record and Super Record track, and Gran Sport. All other Campy loose-ball headsets use the 3/16" sets (above), 20.00, HW-CA1134014

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