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Bicycle Saddles and Seatposts

Brooks saddles, Campy seatposts, and much more!

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Brooks Saddles and Bags

B-17, B-17 Narrow , B-17 Ti , Swift , Swallow Classic , B-18, Flyer, and B-67

The various models of the B-17 Standard saddles are the most popular ones we sell - many folks just love them. They are wider than the classic Brooks Team Pro, and many folks rave about them. The B-17 Narrow is the narrowest of the three basic types of Brooks road bike saddles.

  • B-17 Standard Honey, 109.00, SD-BZL368
  • B-17 S Standard Black, (women's model), 109.00, SD-BZL441


  • B-17 Standard Champion Special BR Green, very nice!, 149.00, SD-BZL439
  • B-17 Standard Champion Special Black, as above, 149.00, SD-BZL425


  • B-17 Narrow Black, black rails, current replacement for many early production racing bikes from the 1930s to the 1970s, 109.00, SD-BZL214


  • B-17 Standard Champion Ti Black, lighter, with Ti frame, 299.00, SD-BZL432
  • B-17 Standard Champion Ti Honey, as above, 299.00, SD-BZL434


  • Champion Flyer Honey, a B-17 with springs, 109.00, SD-BZL397
  • Champion Flyer 'S' (women's model), Black, 109.00, SD-BZL398
  • Champion Flyer 'S' (women's model), Honey, 109.00, SD-BZL399


  • Champion Flyer Special 'S' (women's), Black, 159.00, SD-BZL459
  • Champion Flyer Special 'S' (women's), Antique Brown, 159.00, SD-BZL461


  • B-67 single-rail saddle, Antique brown grained leather, 99.00, SD-BZL427a


  • Swift Ti Black, a narrow, minimalist saddle, with Ti frame, 319.00, SD-BZL360
  • Swift Ti Honey, as above, 319.00, SD-BZL361
  • Swift (steel frame) Honey, 159.00, SD-BZL356

  • Swallow Classic Black, ti frame, light weight, 439.00, SD-BZL352a
  • Swallow Classic Honey, as above, 439.00, SD-BZL352b
  • Swallow Classic Antique Brown, as above, 439.00, SD-BZL352c

Team Professional

These are extremely popular - the Team Professional model is a bit narrower than a B-17 standard, and wider than a B-17 narrow - the idea being that it fits the average performance rider just right. Large, hammered copper rivets. We don't sell the 'low-budget' steel-rivet model, so please be aware of what you are buying. One of the best!

  • Team Professional Black, chrome rails, 159.00, SD-BZL318
  • Team Professional Honey, chrome rails, 159.00, SD-BZL319
  • Team Pro Ti Honey, lighter weight, with ti frame, 319.00, SD-BZL444
  • Team Pro "S" Women's model, Black, chrome rails, 159.00, SD-BZL320
  • Team Pro "S" Women's model, Honey, chrome rails, 159.00, SD-BZL322


Brooks Spanner
  • Brooks saddle spanner, fits all except Swallow, 9.00, SDSP-BSP


Brooks saddles are one of the most popular items at Bicycle Classics. Sure, they're perfect for many restorations, but that's not all. Many Brooks designs, especially the B-17 standard, align very well with the part of the rider's behind that is meant to be supported by a saddle. The result is that the classic retro Brooks saddle actually is better at preventing some of the potential "men's health" issues than other saddles. Of course, everyone is different, and any rider should discontinue use of any saddle that causes problems in those areas.

For racing / high performance touring saddles, Brooks models come in three widths. The B-17 Standard is the widest of the three, the B-17 narrow is the narrowest, and the Team Pro models have a width between that of the two B-17 models. The B-17 standard and the Team Pro models are the most popular.

It takes a while to break in a Brooks saddle. Note that over-use of softening agents and even over-use of Brooks Proofide can result in oversoftening of the leather - thereby ruining it. Getting the saddle wet can ruin it also. Despite all of these warnings, it must be remembered that most riders will enjoy their Brooks saddles for a great many years.

Brooks is proud to stand behind their saddles. They offer a two year warranty against manufacturing defects.

A note about British Racing Green - it's really a very dark, almost black, leather. The green tint is more visible from underneath, but don't be scared off by the sound of a "green" saddle - it's really quite beautiful with the copper-plated rails.

A note about Brooks saddle widths: B-17 Standard is 170-173 mm wide depending on model, Men's Team Pro is 160, Women's Team Pro is 177, B-17 Narrow is 155, Swift is 152.


Brooks Seat Bags

These are beautifully made Italian leather bags! Each bag is an exact replica of a vintage, early 1900s Brooks design, and comes with a soft, flannel drawstring pouch. The Challenge is the smallest bag, while the D-Shaped is a bit larger, and separates into two pieces for easy access to the zippered inner bag. The tool roll weighs two pounds complete, and contains several tools for "on the road" repairs. Available in Black, Honey, and sometimes Antique Brown, to coordinate with the Brooks saddles. A real treat!

  • Brooks Challenge leather seat bag, Black, 89.00, SDSP-BCHB
  • Brooks Challenge leather seat bag, Honey, 89.00, SDSP-BCHH
  • Brooks D-Shaped leather seat bag, Black, 99.00, SDSP-BDSB
  • Brooks D-Shaped leather seat bag, Honey, 99.00, SDSP-BDSH
  • Brooks Tool Roll leather pack, Black, 109.00, SDSP-BTRB Closeout!
  • Brooks Tool Roll leather pack, Honey, 109.00, SDSP-BTRH Closeout!
  • Brooks Tool Roll leather pack, Antique Brown, 109.00, SDSP-BTRAB Closeout!
  • Brooks Millbrook seat bag, Black, roomy, a big classic bag, 89.00, SDSP-BMB


Selle San Marco Rolls and other NOS & New Saddles

Rolls saddles (approx. 375 grams with the steel rails) were made by Selle San Marco. The smooth black leather Selle Royal Men's Superleggero (approx. 350 grams) looks very similar to the old Avocet Touring III. The black suede Selle Italia anatomic-style saddles (approx. 360 grams for the Women's model) look very similar to the old Avocet Touring II saddles, and are inked "Norco" on the back edge.
  • New Cardiff Mercia Saddle, black (a copy of the B-17 Special), 79.00, SD-CMBK
  • New Cardiff Mercia Saddle, brown (a copy of the B-17 Special), 79.00, SD-CMBR
  • NOS Rolls black (textured leather) steel rail saddle, 69.00, SD-ROB
  • NOS Selle Royal Superleggero Men's aluminum rail saddle, 59.00, SD-SRSM
  • NOS Selle Italia anatomic-style Women's steel rail saddle, 34.00, SD-SIAW


Simplex 'two-nut' #1500 Seatposts

These are very French, one-piece cast aluminum seatposts. They will do the job, but probably won't win any beauty contests. They have looks only their Mother could love, shall we say.... Fluted shaft, "French" micro-adjustable pivoting two-nut adjustment system, approx. 210 mm long. Supply is now limited on these. For a vintage French bike - or any bike that uses these sizes, this is one of the best posts we can find for the money. You can also use shims with these to adapt them to lots of other sizes.

These are not the classic 'badged' or 'decaled' steel Simplex posts. Only a few sizes remain. Note: these are not generally considered to be attractive seat posts, (malheureusement...), though some folks dig them, especially at this price!!

  • Simplex NOS 26.2 seatpost, 49.00, SP-S/2
  • Simplex NOS 26.4 seatpost, 49.00, SP-S/4
  • Simplex NOS 26.6 seatpost, 49.00, SP-S/6

NOS Vintage Campagnolo Record and SR Seatposts

Supply is generally limited on these. We usually have at least some NOS one-bolt 27.2 Super Record posts, as well as some 2-bolt vintage Record posts in 26.8, 27.0, and 27.2 sizes. For others please inquire.
  • Super Record one-bolt 27.4 seatpost, 199.00, SP-CSR274
  • Super Record one-bolt 27.2 seatpost, 299.00, SP-CSR272
  • Super Record one-bolt 27.0 seatpost, 199.00, SP-CSR270
  • Super Record one-bolt 26.8 seatpost, 199.00, SP-CSR268
  • Super Record one-bolt 26.6 seatpost, 199.00, SP-CSR266
  • Super Record one-bolt 26.2 seatpost, 199.00, SP-CSR262
  • 50th Anniversary 26.2 seatpost, nice, 199.00, SP-C50262
  • Super Record one-bolt 25.0 seatpost, 199.00, SP-CSR250
  • Record classic two-bolt 27.2 seatpost, 199.00, SP-CR272
  • Early Super Record two-bolt 27.0 seatpost, 249.00, SP-CSR270E (rare!)
  • Record classic two-bolt 26.4 seatpost, 169.00, SP-CR264
  • Record classic two-bolt 26.6 seatpost, 169.00, SP-CR266

Zeus (Spanish) and ITM (Italian) Seatposts

Supply is very limited on these nice vintage posts. Can be shimmed to larger sizes.
  • Zeus Cosmos (1980s) aero one-bolt seatpost, 26.6 mm, 79.00, SP-ZSC266
  • ITM Mod. 210 round forged one-bolt seatpost, 27.4 mm, 49.00, SP-ITM274

Nitto (Japanese) Crystal Fellow Forged Seatposts

These are very finely crafted posts. 250 mm long (vs. 180 mm for most standard vintage posts), but still very light at about 250 grams. Forged head, forged (one-bolt) clamp, silver in color. 14 mm of setback (offset). Also available in a 300 mm version (same price) - please inquire.
  • Nitto round, forged one-bolt Crystal Fellow seatpost, 27.2 mm, 91.00, SP-ND272



Nitto (lugged and brazed!) S-84 Wayback Seatposts

These are also very finely crafted posts, and are designed to coordinate with the beautiful lugged stems. 250 mm long (vs. 180 mm for most standard vintage posts), chrome moly steel, but still only about 345 grams in weight. About 17 mm more setback than a typical post (37 vs. 20), satin chrome in color. Check out the matching stem!!!
  • Nitto round, lugged CrMo Wayback seatpost, 27.2 mm, 189.00, SP-NL272


Nitto (Japanese) S-83 Forged Seatposts

These are very finely crafted posts. 250 mm long (vs. 180 mm for most standard vintage posts), but still very light at about 275 grams. Forged head, forged (two-bolt) clamp, silver in color. 23 mm of setback.
  • Nitto round, forged one-bolt S-83 seatpost, 27.2 mm, 98.00, SP-NS83272



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